“Although we must all walk through death's door alone, the journey there need not be a solitary one. For Rob Fazakerley, three remarkable women shared every step with him. A truly poignant story.”

MAXINE TROTTIER, a prolific writer of children's books

“The writing is superb. It is clear, compelling, inspirational. Perfect. I was riveted from the first sentence.’

ROANNE WEISMAN, author of Own Your Own Health

“Just Stay... reveals the best of who we can be, as individuals and as a community. Most of all, it shows us in exquisite, beautiful detail how growth and healing are possible, even while someone is dying.”

DR. JOSHUA SHADD, palliative medicine physician, board member, Hospice of London

“Brave and bold, unflinching, honest, true. When everything was on the line, love shone through.”

REV. DR TIM ELLIOTT, author, spiritual health counsellor, transitions coach

From our Readers

“I spent my whole evening last night curled up reading your book, just a few chapters left to read. What a true gift you have given your family, friends and even strangers. I will never be able to look at sand again without thinking of you and Rob. Rob, forever the healer, truly lives on and this book will offer so much to so many.”

“I was touched by the writing about the journey of life and letting go that you all traveled. You have birthed a gift of compassion and being present into the world. May it bring comfort to all those who read it, providing a light through the darkness of grief. My congratulations to all of you for this beautiful creation!”

“I am just putting down your book. I read it all today. You gave each other such profound gifts of love and support but you both also changed the lives for the better of so many people that know you.
As a physician reading the book I am struck by how you were able to approach his problems clinically but with a full emotional connection.”

“I generally do not read a novel in a year...reading is not my thing. However, I have finished your beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It made me think about how I need to appreciate every minute I have with my family and friends.”

“I genuinely loved your book. I think it is beautiful, uplifting (despite the obvious pain in the book), hopeful and honest. I think our health-care system could be a different place if we all slowed down long enough to hear what our minds are telling us. I loved reading how you and Rob used meditation on your journey.”

“ was riveting, captivating, I couldn't put it down, stayed up till 3am to finish it. The interspersed reflections and comments were amazing to read in and amongst the real time emails within book. I became so attached to the story I was sad when it ended. There's a bond that forms between the reader and Jen with the reading of the book. This is transformational... this will touch many... maybe millions.”

“Thank you for putting this story out into the world. We need fresh ways of dealing with cancer. I believe you have offered hope to many who suffer and accompany those who are suffering.”

“I finished your book this week-end. All reviews are bang-on. What a warm and special journey to put to words and share with others. It truly is a life altering experience. You have come thru shining and strong, knowing you are not alone.”

“I couldn't put it down too bad work got in the way! What a beautiful story you lived and wrote! I learned a few things from reading it. I will now share it with some of my friends and family.”

“I started your book tonight. I can tell already I won't be putting it down until I'm done sometime early morning. On this thanksgiving weekend, I am truly thankful to be sharing your story of love. It's unlike anything I've read.”

“Just finished reading this incredible story of living, love and amazing inner strength. What a wonderful legacy, to an incredible couple!! Loved the book and recommend it to anyone who wants an inspiring read!!”

Shadows of the three authors on the Island of Sifnos

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